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Tiny homes are huge in Poland, Norway, Germany, Spain and most of Europe and is becoming a very big marketplace here in Canada as the demand is high for these incredible affordable, spacious and ground breaking temporary or permanent home solutions 

please call us to inquire about your brand new tiny home 

tiny homes

tiny home 1.png
tiny home inside 1.png

Modern and avant-garde style and innovation are  undoubtedly the first features of the Modern Barn house  which cannot be ignored. Thanks to its unusual form, the  Modern Barn will appeal to many people and will perfectly  fit into the role of a summer house or an all- year - round  house to which we will be happy to come back. The  building area of ​less than 35 m2 means that a building  permit is not required . 

wooden finish tiny homes

the cube 

the cube models c1 and c2 are a new very modern look to tiny homes that come out of Singapore and are available to be shipped to any desired location.

cube 1.png
cube 2.png
spain tiny home.png

Spanish tiny homes

these wonderfully designed tiny homes are out of Spain and are a mix of a modern outside finish and a classic inside finish also ready to be shipped to any desired location

spain tiny home inside.png
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