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Panel Fabrication

• FANOSA Insulpanel is a foam-core structural panel sandwiched between two sheet metal skins. 

• The Integrated thermal insulation, allows for an efficient use of utilities invested in cooling or heating, providing for a highly energy efficient construction system. 


• This system is composed of a self-extinguishing grade Expanded Polystyrene material (EPS) core of different densities, ranging from 1.0 to 2.0 lb/ft3 bonded to galvanized pre-painted sheet metal. 


• The sheet metal skins are manufactured in 26 Gauge (Standard) .


• Insulpanel is manufactured in a continuous process, allowing to provide  long panels to fit the project needs. The panel lengths are usually limited by the  transport capabilities. However, it is recommended that the customer consider its  transportability, storage, field handling and lifting. Panel width is supplied in 46”. The  thickness can range from 2” (minimum) up to 10” (maximum).

s.i.p panel.png

Product Delivery Storage and Handling

1. Insulpanel Packaging: Product is carefully packaged in stacks of panels and Polystyrene  sheets are used as protectors on the upper and lower parts of the stack. The stack´s  heigth depends on the thickness of the panel. The stack´s are placed on top of pallets at  the ends and at every 2m in between. Corners are protected with wooden corner  protectors and the entire stack is covered by Stretch wrap. 

2. Unloading: Material unloading can be done using cranes, forklifts or manually. 1. Crane unloading: It is recommended to use Nylon straps with at least 4” in width  so the panel´s are not damaged when maneuvering. Ropes and steel cables are to  be avoided for unloading. It is recommended to use corner protectors or other  means to ensure that the product is not marked in the areas where it is held by the  straps during the crane maneuvers. For panels greater than 6 m in length (19 ft) it  is recommended to use a lift beam in order to place the belts as close to the end´s  as possible thus distributing the weight during the crane maneuver. Generally  speaking, for stacks shorter than 6.00 m (19ft), it is recommended to place 2 straps  during the lifting operations , if the stacks are longer than 6.00 m (19 ft), an  additional strap should be used for every additional 2 meters of length of the  panel. If the panels are placed over the building´s idler, care should be taken to  ensure that the surface of each stack that makes contact with the structure is the  support area that protects the material. If this is not possible another medium  must be used to provide the support and prevent any damages to the bottom  panel of the stack.

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