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A better way to build

here at metafoam our team strives to bring you the best, fastest and most affordable way to build. with our groundbreaking technology and innovative designs we are here to help you

what is a s.i.p ?

• S.I.P Structural Insulated Panels. Fireproof foam with steel panel on top and bottom.


• Although this may sound like a new concept it really is not. It has been time tested and used all over the world.


• We Canadians are behind the curve in this technology used extensively in Europe and Asia.


s.i.p panel.png

you can build virtually anything smarter , stronger ,cheaper with our s.i.p's

tiny home 2.png

these tiny homes are premade homes designed and built using our s.i.p's they are already built and ready to ship to your desired location

yellow and white building.jpg

here at meta foam we specialize in commercial building anything from high rises to stadium's we can do it all

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